Shipping this month:
 HO GP35 Phase Ia AT&SF locomotives
 N SP and CB&Q F3 Freight locomotives
Shipping Soon:
 Kato Store Exclusive HO GP35s and N Cabooses
 HO GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb locomotives
 N Amtrak Superliner Phase IVb 4-Car Sets
Recently Shipped:
 HO GP35 Phase Ia Undec & NYC locomotives
 N UP F3 Freight locomotives
 Analog Sound Box for HO & N systems
 HO Gunderson MAXI-IV TTX New Logo & Pacer
 N UP FEF-3, Water Tender Set and Excursion Train
 N F7 Freight Train Sets, UP, ATSF and ATSF "Bluebonnet"

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Featured video: See what's the latest thing to ship out from Kato USA on the Kato USA Youtube channel! N Freight F3's, HO GP35's, plus a closer look at new Kato Online Store Exclusive Custom painted GP35's
April 17th, 2015

Recent Updates -

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  N F7 Freight Train ATSF "Bluebonnet" Photos added - 10/7/2014
  Exploded View diagram of the N FEF-3 added to the FEF-3 Maintenance section - 9/23/2014


Latest releases now available -

  HO EMD GP35 NYC Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N&HO Unitrack Soundbox
  HO EMD SD80MAC CSX and NS Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  HO Gunderson MAXI-IV Pacer + TTX Well Cars
  N UP Excursion Train and Water cars
  N GE ES44AC CN and CP locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N GE ES44AC CSX locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N GE ES44AC UP and BNSF locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F2/F3 Freight two-packs (DC and DCC)
  HO EMD P42 Amtrak 40th Ann. Phase III and IV locomotives (DC)
  N MAXI-IV TTX "New Logo" Well Cars with UMAX Containers
  HO EMD P42 Amtrak 40th Ann. Phase I and II locomotives (DC)
  HO EMD SD90/43MAC SL&RG and UP locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD SD70ACe Norfolk Southern Heritage + Thoroughbred locos (DC and DCC)
  HO EMD P42 Amtrak Phase Vb locomotives (DC and DCC)
  HO Amtrak Superliner Phase IVb passenger cars

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