Shipping May End:
 N GE AC4400CW UP locomotives
 N EMD SD70M UP locomotives
 N Bethgon Protein Gondola SBTX 8-Car Sets
 N V60 North American UNITRAM Oval Set
 N Volvo/Yard trucks + 40' Container 2-Pack Restock


Shipping Soon:
 N ES44AC CN and CSX locomotives
 N Bethgon Protein Gondola BN 8-Car Sets
 N Olympian Hiawatha Set + FP7 Locomotives
 N Operation North Pole 2016 4+2 car sets
 N E5 "Red Band" Locomotives
 N California Zephyr 11-Car Set Re-Release


Recently Shipped:
 N North American Automatic Crossing Gate & Accessories
 N Bethgon Coalporter BNSF, NS & UP/CMO 8-Car Sets
 N GE AC4400CW C&NW locomotives
 N EMD SD70M NS locomotives
 N 4-8-4 GS-4 SP Lines and BNSF Excursion Locomotives
 N SP Lines Morning Daylight 10 and 2-Car New Productions
 N ES44AC BNSF & UP locomotives
 HO Gunderson MAXI-IV TTX + Pacer
 N ACS-64 Individual Release locomotives
 ACS-64 Sound Card

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Featured video: Posted 4/12 - A first-look at the upcoming N Gauge North American style Automatic Crossing Gate, arriving at the end of April! This video runs through the contents of the box as well as basic setup and operation!


May 18th, 2017

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  New ES44AC Releases Updated - 9/27/2016
  New Coalporter 8-Car Releases Updated - 9/27/2016
  Video Preview of the upcoming FEF-3 and ONP CHristmas Train Uploaded (Youtube) - 9/20/2016
  ACS-64 Sound Card demo video posted - 8/8/2016
  N ACS-64 Individual Locomotives Announced - 8/4/2016
  ACS-64 Sound Card for the Kato Soundbox Announced - 8/4/2016
  HO MAXI-IV Pacer + TTX New Logo Release Announced - 8/4/2016
  N EMD SDP40F Santa Fe and Maersk Announced - 7/12/2016
  N Operation North Pole Pre-Production Sample photos updated - 6/28/2016
  Current Stock Listing Updated - 6/16/2016
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  N EMD SDP40F page updated with final product photos - 5/4/2016


Latest releases now available -

  N Operation North Pole Christmas Train (DC)
  N FEF-3 Excursion and Freight locomotives (DC)
  N EMD SDP40F Amtrak Phase II Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F7A+B NP Freight Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N Amtrak Southwest Limited 8-car Set
  N EMD SDP40F Amtrak Phase I Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F7A+B GN Freight Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N EMD F7A+B Santa Fe Freight Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N ACS-64 and Amfleet I Car Sets (DC and DCC)
  N UP Excursion Equipment
  N GE P42 "Genesis" Amtrak Phase Vb locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N Gunderson MAXI-I MAERSK + TTX "New Logo" Well Cars
  N Amtrak P42 Amfleet Intercity Express Starter Series + Bookcase sets (DC and DCC)
  HO Gunderson MAXI-IV AOK Well Cars
  HO Online Shop Exclusive Kobo GP35 Locomotives (DC)
  N Online Shop Exclusive Kobo NS Cabooses
  HO GE P42 Amtrak Phase Vb Locomotives (DC + DCC)
  N Amtrak P42 and Santa Fe Super Chief Starter Sets
  N Amtrak Superliner Phase IVb 4 car Sets
  HO EMD GP35 NYC Locomotives (DC and DCC)
  N & HO Unitrack Soundbox
  HO EMD SD80MAC CSX and NS Locomotives (DC and DCC)

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