HO Scale Accessories




DCC Kits:

Kato's DCC Line
29-352 - FL12 Tail Light Control Decoder
Contact your local hobby shop for availability
29-353 - FR11 Interior Light Control Decoder
  • DCC Decoder for HO Interior lighting kit 7-504. Allows programmable on/off functionality on DCC. Please note that this decoder is NOT required to use the 7-504 lighting kit on DCC; it is only needed if you wish to be able to control the lights themselves through your DCC controller.
  • - English FR11 Guide

Lighting Kits:

7-504 - LED Interior Lighting Kit version 2 (DCC and FR11 decoder compatible)
  • Can be used to illuminate any HO scale Kato Passenger car or Business car on both Analog (DC) and DCC systems. Please note that for both Bi-Level cars and Superliners, the lighting kit will use the special long electrical pickup plates included with the car rather than the standard ones that are packaged inside the lighting kit.
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Cleaning tools:

Track cleaning swabs
087HC001 - Cotton swabs for track cleaning [2 ea]
  • Designed for cleaning track rails with the track cleaning solution of your choice. NOTE: these swabs are for track cleaning only and are not to be used for medical or hygenic purposes
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Custom Project Items:

31-500 - Kato HM-5 Project motor
  • The HM-5 is a double shaft motor, ideal for re-powering projects, and is the same type as used in HO scale KATO hood unit locomotive models.
  • Dimensions: Casing length-33mm, Casing height=20.3mm, Casing Width=17mm, Shaft length=11.6mm, Shaft width=2mm
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31-601 - ASF A-3 Ride Control Truck, 1 Pair $5.98 Buy Now
31-602 - Barber S-2 Roller Bearing Truck, 1 Pair $5.98 Buy Now

These scaled reproductions of 70-ton prototypes are two of the smoothest rolling and finest detailed freight trucks available on the market today! The wheel bearing cap of the S-2 truck actually spins while the truck is rolling. (Cap is press-fit onto end of axle by modeler. No adhesive is required, and both the S-2 and A-3 truck can be installed on virtually any type of rolling stock in your fleet.


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