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Amtrak GE P42, Amfleet & Viewliner Phase IV Set

An all-new collector’s set concept

A complete Amtrak intercity express train set, featuring all new Amfleet II and Viewliner passenger cars from KATO! This is the first time the Amfleet II will be manufactured in N scale, and all models will feature the care and eye for prototype details as well as running performance that KATO is famous for. Coupled with KATO's award winning GE P42 'Genesis' locomotive, this complete 1990's Amtrak train set is a must for any fan of Amtrak, passenger trains, or N scale modeling in general.

This set will come complete in a collector's bookcase and will consist of one GE P42 'Genesis' Locomotive, a Baggage Car, an Amfleet Coach, an Amfleet Coach-Cafe, and two Viewliners.

Detail Photos; click for higher resolution images

Four distinct and newly tooled car styles

All-new smooth rolling inside bearing trucks for Amfleet cars

Accurate representation of the differing heights between the Viewliner and Amfleet cars

Printed gaskets and details on both the sides and ends of all cars

Current Models

Item # Description MSRP
106-0101 N GE P42, Amfleet & Viewliner Locomotive & 5 Car Set
  1 x GE P42 'Genesis' Amtrak Phase IV #16
  1 x Baggage Car Amtrak Phase IV #1215
  1 x Amfleet II Coach Amtrak Phase IV #25005
  1 x Amfleet II Coach-Cafe Amtrak Phase IV #28022 "South Bend Club"
  1 x Viewliner Sleeper Amtrak Phase IV #62014 "Imperial View"
  1 x Viewliner Sleeper Amtrak Phase IV #62022 "Mountain View"

This set is a perfect match for a M1 or M2 Master Series Track Set and its carrying case can be fit into the Master Series' storage tray.



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