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Southern Pacific "Morning Daylight" Passenger Cars

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Watch the Kinematic couplers at work on the Daylight 10-car set; the couplers hold the cars tightly together on the straight across the bridge, yet the entire train can still pull around the 12 3/8" radius curve on both the viaduct and ground level tracks.

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The real Daylight Observation car used "advanced" neon-technology to proudly proclaim its name on the drumhead. The N scale version may not use neon, but has been designed to best replicate the "glass tubes on felt" design of the original logo.
For a more streamlined look, an optional (Item #923505) Kinematic close coupling kit is available. As you see here, the couplers are designed to hold the cars close on straights, while flexing outward to allow the cars to go around tight curves.
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