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RDC in Print:

From N Scale Railroading magazine comes the tale of the Jet Powered New York Central RDC.

Prototype Information:

Commonly known as the "RDC," the motorized Rail Diesel Car generally operated in rural areas where ridership and mail/parcel transport were too low for regular passenger train service. When first introduced, the RDC was proclaimed to be the savior of branch line and suburban service. It was heavily used as a commuter service workhorse (and still is currently in some locations!). Capable of being operated by a motorman from either end of the car, these units could be used independently or combined into a multi-unit.

Model Information:

All models are motorized, have LED directional headlights, and KATO magnetic knuckle coupers. Interiors can be lighted with the optional #11-209 & #11-210 Interior Light Kit with White LED or #11-204 & #11-206 Interior Light Kit with bulb.

The RDC is DCC friendly for a drop-in installation of a Digitrax DN143K2 Decoder.

Road Name Information :

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