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How to disassemble a Budd Rail Diesel Car

Picture (Click to Zoom) Directions

Tools and Preparation

You will want to work over a layered soft towel or foam sheet. This will protect the unit, should you drop it.

Tools: Smallest flat blade jeweler’s screwdriver

Note the chassis' orientation to the body shell. The cooling blister on top of the roof is off to one side of center. The short end is considered the front end (this does not apply to the RDC-4) Look at the rear end of the cooling blister, then let your sight drop straight down. At this point on the under-carriage detail piece, is a belt guard. One can always orient the shell to the chassis with this detail. Note that this cover is only on one side of the RDC so you may need to rotate it to find it.

Secondary note: The front of the RDC-4 is the side that does NOT have the large, baggage double-doors (the RPO/Mail section is at the front of the car).

Step 1: Removing the Outer Shell

Hold the unit by chassis area at center of RDC. Use the other hand and slip thumbnail or finger nails between chassis and body shell towards end of car. Use a rocking motion of the hand holding the chassis to start shell separation as you gently pull back the shell with your thumb or finger nails. Repeat this process with the other side so that the shell comes loose on that side of the unit. Once the shell is loose on that side, repeat this process on the opposite end of the unit. Finally, lift the shell away from the chassis.

Step 2: Removing the Circuit Board and Lighting Assembly

Remove the LED Circuit Board Assembly by gently removing from snap-lock fitting, one on each side of the car chassis.

If an interior lighting kit has been installed: Remove the lamp assembly by lifting straight up. Remove the two contact strips by pulling straight out horizontally.

Step 3: Removing the Motor Contact Clip

Using a small flathead screwdriver, remove the white clip holding motor the contacts in place.

Step 4: Removal of Underside Details

Holding the chassis with one hand, grip the detail piece at the bottom of the RDC by its sides at one end, and squeeze inward. Move the piece sided to side and it should release itself. Do same with the other end.

Note that the two pins on one end are larger than the two pins on the other end. The underside detail piece fits only one way.

Step 5: Removing the Trucks

Use a small flat blade jeweler’s screwdriver to pry between the side of the truck gear tower and the side of the keeper as depicted. This is all plastic, and it should be easy to release the truck with only gentle pressure, so avoid using force. The truck should pop out of the bottom of the unit, with the drive shaft attached.

Step 6: Separating the Interior Detail

Turn chassis bottom up and observe that on each side of the motor, there are two white tabs (Four total: See the picture). These tabs must be released before the interior detail piece can be removed. Insert a small jeweler’s flat blade screwdriver between the pin and the chassis, and press towards motor shaft to release.

Step 7: Final Removal of the Interior Detail

Once all four pins securing the center of the internal details have been freed, the detail plate should bow upwards and be secured at both ends. Using your small jeweler’s flat blade screwdriver, gently pry out the clips at the ends of the interior insert to finish releasing it from the chassis.

When releasing the interior piece from the chassis, the contact strips for the end LED lamp assemblies will come loose. Note their positions (pictured to the left).

Click HERE to see a detailed blow up of how the contacts should be positioned: The contact strips should fit in on TOP of the contact strips that run the length of the interior detail insert.

Step 8: Motor Removal

Lift out the white plastic piece still remaining on the chassis. This frees the motor and it can now be removed.

Step 9: Truck Gearbox Removal

Using your small flat blade screwdriver, press down on the plastic (not the brass contacts!) tabs as shown. This will free the gear box, which will come free and be removed.

Follow the above steps in reverse to reassemble your RDC.

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