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Removal and Re-Installation of the couplers on an F3A/F7A locomotive

Picture (Click to Zoom) Directions

Part 1: Removing the Coupler Clip (Part 1)

Mechanism can not be removed from shell with coupler installed. Front pilot coupler removal. Gently press outward on the legs of the clip at the arrows. The clip will release and come straight up, releasing the coupler.

Part 2: Spring Placement (part 1)

Back side of clip. F-Unit coupler clip with spring not installed.

Part 3: Spring Placement (part 2)

Back side of clip with spring partially installed. Spring is mounted behind the back two posts and in front of clip backs. Spring is nearly precision fit, and may be difficult if not fitted squarely.

Part 4: Spring Placement (part 3)

Front side of clip. Spring is fully inserted. Note position of spring behind back two posts. Coupler will mount on the front post.

Part 5: Spring Placement (part 4)

Back side of clip. Note spring in relation to back side of clip.

Part 6: Re-installing the coupler mount (part 1)

Under front pilot of F-Unit. Note flat panel indicated with yellow arrow. The back side of clip with the spring will rest on the top (front) of this panel. Clip's snap locks will fit into the holes marked with white arrows.

Part 6: Re-installing the coupler mount (part 2)

Position for mounting coupler. Chassis MUST be in shell before pilot coupler can be mounted. Position locomotive vertically and hold coupler positioned with shank in pilot coupler hole. Place index finger over lead truck. Balance clip spring side down on index finger and guide top center pin into hole of coupler shank.


Coupler and clip are mounted. Note how the clip fits to the rounded edge of the inside pilot. Note how the back of the clip fits to the flat panel.

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