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Removal and Re-Installation of the couplers on a PA/E8/E9 locomotive

Picture (Click to Zoom) Directions

Part 1: Removing the Coupler Clip (Part 1)

Remove by pressing gently inward on legs of coupler clip with small jeweler's screwdriver. (Coupler on PA will release in the same way as the E8/9A).

Part 2: Spring Placement (part 1)

Front side of clip. E8/9A and PA coupler clip with spring not installed.

Part 3: Spring Placement (part 2)

Front side of clip. E8/9A and PA coupler clip with spring mounted. Insert spring directly behind back two (2) keeper posts.

Part 4: Spring Placement (part 3)

Back side of clip. Spring is mounted on back side of the back two posts.

Part 5: Installation of the coupler mount

E8/9A shell with chassis removed. Insert index finger into nose of shell, so that coupler clip can be held on index finger and positioned by thumb. The shell should be positioned nose up. Insert coupler into pilot entrance on nose and hook to large center post. Pull back on coupler to assist positioning the clip, and then press straight down on top of clip and secure into position. Same procedure with PA.

Aftermath (E8/E9)

E8/9A with coupler and clip in place.

Aftermath (PA)

PA with coupler and clip in place.

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