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The EMD SDP40F was Amtrak's first, official, built to order locomotive (previously they had operated using second hand equipment, such as E8's, F7's and even GG1's). A need for new and more reliable equipment spurred the development of the SDP40F. Based on the framework of the SD40-2, the SDP40F was geared for speed, with a top operational velocity of 100 mph and a pair of steam generators to supply heat and hot water for the passenger trains it would pull, such as the ex-Santa Fe "El Capitan" and "Super chief" (renamed the "Southwest Chief" in its combined state).

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N EMD SDP40F Type IVb, BNSF Maersk #6976 w/ DCC + Sound

N EMD SDP40F Type IVb, BNSF Maersk #6976 w/ DCC + Sound

The EMD SDP40F was the first official, built-to-order locomotive AmtrakŪ purchased after previously operating using second hand equipment such as...


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