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January 11th , 2019

Amtrak's Newest Rolling Stock coming to N Scale!

The Viewliner® II is scheduled to be Amtrak’s newest addition to its fleet of single-level rolling stock, with planned rollouts of Baggage cars, diners, and Sleeping cars all expected to enter standard service through the next few years. Right now Amtrak is operating 55 Baggage cars in this new style, wearing a special “Phase III heritage” paint scheme that combines the classic red-white-and-blue stripes with Amtrak’s new modern logo and the phrase “Amtrak America”.

While the Viewliner and Amfleet® single-level cars are typically designed for use throughout the Eastern United States on long distance trains, the new Viewliner II Baggage cars are also used on Superliner trains, making them extremely versatile and a great addition to a model railroader’s N scale Amtrak fleet!

Kato USA will be releasing models of these new cars alongside a re-run of our classic Amfleet II Coach and Viewliner I Sleeper cars in Amtrak’s modern paint, to arrive in June 2019. These cars will feature all metal wheel pickup as well as interior lighting capability with the use of 11-211 or 11-212 Version 2 Interior Lighting Kits.

Accompanying the "George Bush" and "Spirit" SD70ACe locomotives - A re-release of the Union Pacific Excursion Train - Coming July 2019

In December of 2018, a funeral train for late US President George H.W. Bush was pulled by Union Pacific SD70ACe #4141 and took the final leg of his funeral procession which began in Washington D.C. and finished its journey at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library (the name of which adorns the side of the locomotive). This train consisted of a number of cars that were from the Union Pacific’s heritage car fleet, including the flag-wrapped Museum Car “Promontory”, which carried his casket through the train’s 100 mile route, and Business Car “Kenefick”, which brought up the tail end of the train.

To coincide with the re-release of Union Pacific SD70ACe #4141, Kato USA will re-release their 7-Car Union Pacific “Excursion Train” in July of 2019, allowing modelers to create their own special memorial or excursion trains. In addition, the Union Pacific Water Tender 2-Car Set will be re-released for modelers who wish to operate the Excursion Train with the Union Pacific FEF-3 Steam locomotive #844 (Item # 126-0401), also available from Kato USA!

Visit our website for more details such as pricing and item numbers:

Shipping this month - N Scale F7 Freight Train Sets in AT&SF, UP, and AT&SF "Bluebonnet"

Ideal for new modelers or existing modelers looking to jump into classic freight modeling with a single package - the F7 Freight Train Sets from Kato USA contain an EMD F7A locomotive and four pieces of rolling stock, priced affordably and elegantly packaged in a visually pleasing hangar style box.

For the first time, these sets will also be available with pre-installed DCC through your local hobby shop!

Click the image to the right to see Kato USA's latest magazine ad featuring this latest release of these train sets!

Shipping 1/16/2019!

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