Granny Kay & Bonnie
GK&B LogoThe Grand Kay and Bonneville is a fictional shortline on the plains of Nebraska, serving the farmers' grain coop in Friend (pop. 850). Commonly called "The Granny Kay and Bonnie," the line traveled east into Lincoln to interchange with the mainline. Later trackage rights also allowed the GK&B to travel across Iowa to Chicago and into southwest Missouri.

This track plan was originally published in Kalmbach's Great Model Railroads 2002 as A small slice of the Pennsy, and is presented here in basically the same configuration using KATO UNITRACK. The spur track in the upper right hand corner could be used "to connect to Lincoln and other points east." This layout could be easily expanded to a double track operation with the use of our R282 curve.

Great Model Railroads 2002

Granny Kay & Bonnie
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Bill of Materials
QTYStock #Description
320-010186mm (7 5/16") Straight Track
520-020124mm (4 7/8") Straight Track
620-03064mm (2 1/2") Straight Track
220-04062mm (2 7/16") Straight Track
420-046~048Bumper (Use any of three styles)
1 ea20-09129mm (1 1/8") Straight Track
820-100249mm (9 3/4") Radius 45 Curve Track
1481mm (19") Radius 15 Curve Track
(Included in turnout package)
220-220#4 Left Turnout (Includes S60L/R Straight Tracks)
420-221#4 Right Turnout (Includes S60L/R Straight Tracks)
6SPCL60mm Special "Cut" Straight Track
(Included with turnouts)
224-818Terminal UniJoiners
124-8273-Way Extension Cord
Used to connect Terminal UniJoiners to Terminal Adapter Cord.
124-843Terminal Adapter Cord
Used to connect 3-Way Extension Cord to power pack.
Optional Items
QTYStock #Description
624-840Turnout Control Switch
124-842DC Converter (If 24-840 is used)
There will be extra pieces left over from the #20-091 Straight Track Assortment and turnout packages. These additional pieces can probably be used to lengthen a spur track. If overall table size allows, it is strongly recommended to inset a piece of 29mm Straight Track (from #20-091 assortment) immediately before entrance to curve on long straight at top and bottom on left end of layout.

It is possible to replace one or both of the #20-020 124mm Straight Tracks at the top of the layout with two #20-460~464 124mm Deck Girder Bridges. The #23-047 Pier Set is suggested for use with the bridges.

This plan could be easily modified into a multi-track operation by the addition of the #20-170 216mm Curve Track and/or #20-110 282mm Curve Track. Of course, adding an additional loop of track would require the appropriate size table.

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