Unitrack Plan for
Scenic Ridge Layout Kit
CAUTION: Be sure you actually lay out the UNITRACK pieces and mark their location on the layout base BEFORE you begin construction of the scenery!!! If you attach the foam inclines to the base without marking the position of the UNITRACK components, you will find the track does NOT match the risers.

Scenic Ridge Plan
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This plan is courtesy of Tom Lawson.

Bill of Materials
QTYStock #Description
1020-000248mm (9 3/4") Straight Track
420-010186mm (7 5/16") Straight Track
420-020124mm (4 7/8") Straight Track
320-03064mm (2 1/2") Straight Track
120-04062mm (2 7/16") Straight Track
120-04162mm (2 7/16") Feeder Track
120-046~048Bumper (Use any of three styles)
1 ea20-09129mm (1 1/8") Straight Track
20-09145.5mm (1 3/4") Straight Track
1320-100249mm (9 3/4") Radius 45 Curve Track
420-110282mm (11") Radius 45 Curve Track
120-130348mm (13 3/4") Radius 30 Curve Track
220-140381mm (15") Radius 30 Curve Track
320-150718mm (28 1/4") Radius 15 Curve Track
120-160481mm (19") Radius 15 Curve Track
220-202#6 Left Turnout
120-203#6 Right Turnout
120-450~454186mm (7 5/16") Single Track Plate Girder Bridge
124-843Terminal Adapter Cord
Used to connect Feeder Track to power pack.
Optional Items
QTYStock #Description
324-840Turnout Control Switch
124-842DC Converter (If 24-840 is used)
Leftover straights and curves may be used to extend spur track in lower right hand corner of the layout, bending the spur around the corner and up the side of the layout.
Another #20-203 Right Turnout could be substituted for the #20-150 curve section shown at the entrance of the passing siding, creating the opportunity for an additional spur track in the lower left corner of the layout. This is a highly recommended substitution! It would creatively utilize the "extra" #20-020 straights, #20-160 curves and bumper left over from the original plan design, while also adding more track to your layout.

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