West Coal
This plan is actually a MODIFIED version of a plan originally drawn by George Sebastian-Coleman and published in the January, 2002, issue of Model Railroader as "A Western Coal-Hauler in N scale." We have modified George's plan to eliminate the need to trim several pieces "to fit" as he originally drew it. Our design requires no trimming of any sections.

Furthermore, George's original plan is a point-to-point configuration. This arrangement essentially required the train to always enter the large yard in the center of the layout. It is not possible for the train to go around the layout without returning to the central yard. Our design, on the other hand, will allow the train to go completely around the layout without going into the yard, if desired.

As you can see, we have also re-sized the layout so that it will fit on a 3' X 15' table. However, if you do not want to cut your table to this size, two pieces of 4' X 8' plywood laid end to end (4' X 16' overall) give you plenty of room to increase your operations.

Finally, with the stategic use of Insulated Unijoiners and additional Feeder Tracks and/or Terminal Unijoiners, it would be possible to operate several "blocks" independently from one another with this layout. One train could be running on the mainline while separate switcher locomotives work the central yard and spur track in lower right corner.

West Coal
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Bill of Materials
QTYStock #Description
6220-000248mm (9 3/4") Straight Track
820-010186mm (7 5/16") Straight Track
820-020124mm (4 7/8") Straight Track
120-03064mm (2 1/2") Straight Track
2020-04062mm (2 7/16") Straight Track
1220-046~048Bumper (Use any of three styles)
120-05078mm - 108mm (3" - 4 1/4") Expansion Track
220-09129mm (1 1/8") Straight Track
220-100249mm (9 3/4") Radius 45 Curve Track
1420-110282mm (11") Radius 45 Curve Track
220-111282mm (11") Radius 15 Curve Track
420-120315mm (12 3/8") Radius 45 Curve Track
320-130348mm (13 3/4") Radius 30 Curve Track
720-140381mm (15") Radius 30 Curve Track
320-150718mm (28 1/4") Radius 15 Curve Track
3 (13)20-160481mm (19") Radius 15 Curve Track
(10 Included in turnout packages)
520-202#6 Left Turnout
120-203#6 Right Turnout
120-210310mm (12 3/16") Double Crossover Turnout
520-220#4 Left Turnout (Includes S60L/R Straight Tracks)
520-221#4 Right Turnout (Includes S60L/R Straight Tracks)
120-301186mm (7 5/16") Right Hand 15 Crossing
120-430~434248mm (9 3/4") Single Track Truss Bridge
Optional Items
QTYStock #Description
?24-818Terminal UniJoiner, 35" Leads [1 pair]
Use one pair for each block of track you wish to control independently.
1024-840Turnout Control Switch
124-842DC Converter (If 24-840 is used)
?24-843Terminal Adapter Cord
Used to connect Terminal Unijoiners to power pack.
There will be extra pieces left over from the #20-091 Straight Track Assortment and turnout packages. These additional pieces can probably be used to lengthen a spur track.

The #20-032 64mm (2 1/2") Uncoupler Track could be inserted on each siding to allow magnetic uncoupling.

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