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Amtrak Superliner I's, II's and Hi-Level Cars

Prototype Information:

The Superliner I fleet was built in 1979 by Pullman Standard and were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad for their "El Capitan" all-coach train. 102 Superliner I coaches were built, and 48 Superliner I coach-baggage combination cars with a secure baggage hold instead of lower-level seating. For transportation of bulk items, trains would run with cars known as "Material Handling Cars" cargo carrying freight cars which would run either on the nose or tail of a consist.

The Superliner II fleet was introduced in 1990 as Amtrak's next generation of its now ubiquitous Superliners. Visually very similar to their older cousins, the Superliner II's have a host of mechanical and electrical improvements to their design as well as construction. One of the new styles of car introduced with this new generation of cars was the "Transition Sleeper", or "Transition Dormitory" car. Intended to replace the aging High-Level Step Down cars, the Transition Sleeper fulfills a similar role by having high and low level diaphragms on either end of the car as well as having on-board crew accommodations.

Budd Hi-Level Cars: The Budd-built Hi-Level cars had a great influence on Amtrak's passenger service, revolutionizing economy coach travel with their double-decker design. Even after the advent of the Superliner car, many of these Budd cars remained in service, in particular the "Step-Down" coach originally used to transition between single level and hi-level cars on the "El Capitan". These cars, along with de-skirted (for easier maintenance) Santa Fe Baggage cars, were a staple on all Superliner trains up to the introduction of the Superliner II car in 1990.

Model Features:

  • Fully detailed interiors can be lit with optional Interior lighting kit with LED #11-211/11-212
  • Finely detailed with prototype accurate painting and lettering
  • Free and smooth rolling trucks for maximum performance
  • All cars are equipped with Kato semi-automatic knuckle couplers
  • Designed to be pulled by Kato's EMD F40PH or GE P42 "Genesis" Locomotives

Current Models

Item # Description MSRP
December 2019 restock
N Superliner Amtrak Phase IVb 4-Car Set A
- Coach #34018, Coach-Baggage #31004, Diner #38021, Sleeper #32019
December 2019 restock
N Superliner Amtrak Phase IVb 4-Car Set B
- Coach #34049, Coach #34079, Sleeper #32053, Lounge #33022
106-3517 N Superliner Amtrak Phase III 4-Car Set A
- Coach #34037, Coach-Baggage #31024, Sleeper #32022, Diner #38026
106-3518 N Superliner Amtrak Phase III 4-Car Set B
- Coach #34051, Coach #34085, Sleeper #32044, Lounge #33008
106-7122 N Step-Down Coach and Baggage Car Amtrak Phase III 2-Car Set
- Step Down Coach #39919, Baggage #1241
156-0953 N Amtrak Baggage Car Amtrak Phase VI #1221 $25
156-0954 N Superliner II Transition Sleeper Amtrak Phase IVb #39027
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December 2019
N Superliner II Transition Sleeper Amtrak Phase IVb #39041
* Pricing is estimated and subject to change upon release

Click here for a listing of past models (for reference only)

Officially licensed by Amtrak.

Amtrak and Superliner are registered service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

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